Banting/Keto/Paleo/Low Carb en πŸ—£DIABEET VRIENDELIK


2 eggs
75 g cream cheese (softened)
1/3 tsp baking powder
1/3 tsp vanilla
3 drops liquid sweetener OR what you have to taste

Add some butter or coconut oil to a nonstick pan and put it on medium heat. Use a silicone brush to coat the entire pan surface with it. Place the cream cheese ,eggs and rest of ingredients into a bowl or blender and beat until creamy. Allow the batter to sit for a minute or two to settle so that it cooks better. Pour into pan spreading it evenly. Cover with a lid, a minute or 2 till bottom is set and the top not watery. Carefully flip over n cook other side till freckled. Makes one big pancake or two medium sized ones.
Serve with berries, plain double cream yoghurt, whipped cream, low carb ice cream, cinnamon or xylitol. Enjoy!

πŸ—£(Ps. If your batter needs thickening, add a tsp or 2 of coconut flour)
Recipe posted by Petra Pretorius Seaton

NB. All people with any type of diabetes who wish to use our recipes, should do so in consultation with their diabetes healthcare team. If you have diabetes it is important to know your risk factors.