White or spirit vinegar:
Since it contains a higher percentage of acidic content, it is more ideal as a household cleaning agent. It provides an eco-friendly solution for eliminating dirt and foul odor on a wide range of materials such as fabric, metal, glass, fur, tiles, and many others. It can also be used as a urine-cleaner for pets, as well as a natural herbicide or weed killer. White vinegar does not contain ammonia; it cleanses thoroughly without leaving any strong or harmful smells.

Distilled vinegar:
Being the milder variation, is more suitable for cooking, flavoring, food preservation, or as a food additive. Additionally, it can be used as a household remedy. For instance, it is an effective way of curing or preventing athlete’s foot and warts. It is also very helpful in relieving sunburn and prevents the skin from peeling or blistering.

Good Vinegars For Pickling:
Distilled White Vinegar: This is by far the most common choice for pickling. The acidity content is nearly always high enough and the flavour is mellow and the colour of your produce is going to stay the same because it is clear.

Malt Vinegar:
This vinegar made from malted barley is another prime contender. It is often quite a dark brown so will colour the food you are pickling a shade of brown and it has a fairly bold flavour so is best used with high flavoured produce.

Cider Vinegar:
Cider vinegar is a moderately coloured vinegar. It is important to check the acidity before using cider vinegar for pickling as some may not be over 5% acidity. It has a fairly distinct flavour so it is best used to pickle produce that can stand up to the flavour.

Wine Vinegar:
It is important again to check the acidity here which may be either higher than 5% or lower if the vinegar has been made to dress salads it could only be 4% so should not be used. Wine vinegars are usually delicately flavoured and of course, red wine vinegar is coloured but can be used in combination with flavourful vegetables to make some great pickles.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a vinegar to pickle with is the acidity content. If you cannot verify the level of acid in the vinegar then you should not use it.
Information posted by Elize de Kock