gekrummelde hoenderboudjies
gerookte worsies
wors ringetjies gesny en net in olyfolie en peri peri gebraai
kaas/uitjie/worsie stokkies
klein tamaties
geel pepper skyfies
Chiabata brood

Pak alles mooi uit op plat borde en bedien.


honey and mustard dip
cranberry roomkaas
Brie gebak in oond teen 170ºC  vir 7 min
sagte Feta kaas
plain Cream Cheese met Sweet Chilli sous
velletjies Gouda kaas in rolletjies

biltong chips
dun gemengde kouevleis ( shaved cold meat)

Beskuitjies, chips en peanuts van jou keuse
Mini agurtjies en swart druiwe
Foto: Sanet le Roux


I have samoosas, chicken pies, ham, viennas, meatballs and chicken strips. For garnish I use cheddar blocks, cherry tomatoes en fresh parsley.
500 g lean beaf mince
2 eggs
Worcestershire sauce
2 units of wheatbix
Mix together, make the balls to desired size and deepfry.

Spice the strips and cover with flour. Deepfry in hot oil til golden brown.
The samoosas and pies are shop bought.
Ideas and photo: Chandré Manuel


(Maak 3½ – 4 dosyn teelepel grootte balletjies)
1 pakkie Marie beskuitjies (fyn gekap)
1 blikkie kondensmelk
4 eetlepels Milo poeier
½ koppie klapper
ekstra klapper om in te rol

Maak beskuitjies fyn in voedselverwerker. Voeg res van bestanddele by en meng goed. Smeer jou hande met bietjie botter of olie en skep ‘n teelepel vol op ‘n slag en rol balletjie. Gooi dan in ekstra klapper om te bedek. Plaas in yskas tot ferm.
Resep geplaas deur Bets Lourens
Foto: Bets Lourens


(Maak 5 dosyn teelepel grootte)
1 blikkie bullybeef
2 koppie koekmeel
½ koppie melk
2 eiers
2 teelepel bakpoeier
1 klein ui (gerasper)
sout en peper na smaak

Druk bullybeef goed fyn. Voeg res van bestanddele by en meng goed. Skep teelepelsvol in warm olie en bak tot gaar en bruin. Dreineer op handdoekpapier.
Resep geplaas deur Bets Lourens
Foto: Bets Lourens


Here is a few of my snacks:
cream cheese

Chop onions, tomato, chillies and the coriander (season with spice of your choice, I normally go with some BBQ, dash of Tabasco sauce, or even some curry spice just to get that oomph!)
Layer with avocado.
Layer with cream cheese.
Layer with nachos chips (I sometimes use Doritos).
Cover with grated cheese.
Grill in over until cheese is melted.
I braise some chicken breast chopped into strips or cubes, with onion, bit of garlic and tomatoes, some chicken tandoori spice.

2 cups grated cheese (I go with Cheddar)
1 cup butter, softened
2 tablespoons cream
1 large egg
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon dry mustard
ground pepper or hot sauce (I go with Tabasco)
white bread slices

Preheat oven about 375°C.
Beat cheese and butter at medium speed with an electric mixer until blended.
Beat in cream.
Add egg, Worcestershire sauce, salt, mustard and the pepper or Tabasco sauce.
Cut the crust from the bread slices, cut each bread slice into 4 squares.
Spread cheese mixture on half of the bread squares (about 1 teaspoon per square slice).
Top with the other remaining square.
Spread the remaining cheese mixture over top and sides of the sandwich.
Place sandwiches on greased baking sheet and bake for 15 min or until golden brown.
To serve: slice of salmon goes great or even some cold meat of your choice (garnish with sprigs of rosemary or thyme (just for the look).
Tip: this can be made 3 weeks in advance or even the day before.

Cheddar cheese
Mozzarella cheese
cloves garlic, minced
green olives
black olives
parsley chopped
Italian seasoning
Extra-virgin olive oil

Slice pieces of cheese lengthwise and then into slices cross wire.
Alternate the slices on a platter.
Combine remaining ingredients in a bowl.
Pour over cheese.
Refrigerate for 2 hours.
Serve with French bread (baguette) or crackers.

Option 1:
I use a normal size roti which I cut into ½.
Then I spread some cream cheese on top and fill it with salmon or spicy chicken strips.
Top with rocket leaves.
Roll up tight and cut into “wheels”.
Option 2:
Shred some lettuce.
Fill the bottom of the little pita bread.
Fill small little pita breads with filling of your choice.
Add cucumber top with paprika.

Lay this flat on a surface, layer with cold meats of your choice) top with grated cheese.
Roll up tight in plastic (cling wrap) like a sausage and freeze.
When frozen, take it out and cut into wheels, lay this flat on a baking tray and put it into the oven.
You can go wild with any filling here.

I love humus depending on my mood I either make it myself otherwise I just purchase it.
Can chickpeas, onions, garlic, coriander and season to your taste.
Blitz with blender and voila!
Add small bit olive if it’s a bit too thick.
Serve with cracker or chips.

(I don’t have a real name for this I just go with the flow and how my mood is for the day) LOL!
1 chopped onion
1 tablespoon olive oil
½ teaspoon cumin seeds
½ teaspoon dried oregano
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 tablespoon white vinegar
chicken breast into strips
tortilla chips

Over medium-high heat fry onion in olive oil until onion golden brown.
Add cumin seeds and oregano stir until.
Add chillies, tomato paste vinegar and ½ cup water bring to the boil.
Reduce heat and simmer gently, stirring often to blend the flavors.
Add chicken and stir.
Arrange the tortilla chips in a single layer on a baking sheet.
Sprinkle equal portions of cheese on each chip and a spoon of chicken mixture on top.
Bake in over until cheese begin to melt a little.
With a spatula lift each tortilla chip off the baking sheet onto a platter.
Top each chip with slice of avo and garnish with coriander.
Now if you really want to go wild with the topping (depending on my mood or if I’m pressed for time I make this topping otherwise slice of avo drizzled with some olive oil and a sprig of thyme or rosemary for garnishing).
In a small bowl mix some avo with 2 tablespoon sour cream.
Chopped some coriander, squeeze some lime juice over and little bit of milk.
Add some salt to taste and top your tortilla chips.
Garnish with leaves of your choice.
Recipes: Fahiema Majiet


Mogi Berenice Fugard:
PLEASE assist with snack platter ideas ON A SHOE STRING BUDGET!

Leonie Overbeek:
Slice bread (white or whole wheat and roll the slices out very very thin. Then spread them with cheese spread, fish paste, jam, peanut butter, and appropriate herbs (try tarragon with apple jam!), roll it up like a mini swiss roll in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for an hour or two. Take it out, slice and serve.

Andrea van den Bos:
You can even do the biltong shavings like this.
What I do here is I buy the “government ” store bread and cut it on the bread cutter – but longways – so you have long slices. Much easier – just cut off the crusts.
Another thing that you can try is with a roll of puff pastry spread some tomato and onion smoor with Italian herbs and grated cheese. Pizza rolls. make you own sausage rolls with puff pastry and pork sausage or boerewors. A little goes a long way.
Another thing that is coming back is the old cocktail stick thing – with the cheese viennas and little pickled onions or gherkins. I now have to make these as padkos, my family love them.

Elsabie Templeton:
Toasted ciabatta slices with variety of meaty stuff on it: thinly sliced roast beef or left over braaivleis steak with horseradish and rocket, fried baby tomatoes on mozzarella slices and drizzled with basil pesto, chicken mayo with parsley, avo and shrimps with 1000 Island dressing.
Also don’t forget some nutty bread with an old favourite like chicken liver and smoked snoek paté.
Unroll a sheet of puff pastry (if I do not make it myself I buy from WW as theirs just taste better than the rest and R25 per roll) and roll over with rolling pin until even. Then cut squares of about 3 x 3 cm with smooth knife or pizza cutter. Place on baking paper in oven at 180°C and bake just until puffed and lightly golden. Probably about 12-15 min but ovens vary. Allow the little puffed “pillows” to cool down. Put a dollop of creme fraiche or creamed cottage cheese on top and a little piece of thin smoked salmon and a sprig of chives. A small packet of salmon goes a long way with this snack and looks decadent.

Esmeralda Wildeman:
Triangle sandwiches is very cheap, like egg and mayo or chicken mayo and pilchards and mayo with herbs and spices in. Also crackers with tomato paste, cheese and grated cold meat is like a mini pizza. Try making mini pastries maybe and kebabs of choice.

Mogi Berenice Fugard”
Am definitely going to do egg mayo sarmies – always a winner, two varieties – one with a healthy splash of peri-peri sauce for the brave!
I think I must make my own liver pate tonight!!!! YES!!! It will keep till Saturday hey?
Elsabie Templeton:
Yes just put in ceramic or glass bowl and seal the top with melted butter.

Beverley Stander:
Take puff pastry spread with marmite, sprinkle cheese on it, roll up like Swiss tool, cut into slices and bake.

Naomi Schwartz:
Buy a box of sausage rolls. Bake them and you can use them like that or make mini rolls by cutting the rolls in 3 or 4 pieces. As a dip the basic tomato sauce mixed with mayo will do. You can even add a bit of sweet chilly sauce in to give it a twist.
Then you can make mini meatballs. Buy some sausage and make meatballs with that. Stick a toothpick in them and the same sauce as above can be used for a dip.
Mini frozen samoosas can also be bought and made.
Chicken drumets: The part of a chicken wing that looks like a drumstick. Throw it in a baking tray. Chuck some spices over. And bake until done.
Then packets of chips and dip is a must.

Deodette Le Roux:
Savory scones is always delicious or small samoesas available at checkers, they also have spring rolls sometimes.

Antoinette Nel:
Jy kan eiers in die helfte ook sny en die geel fyn maak en meng met mayo en in die gat van eiergeel skep.
Salty cracks met kaas en bovril op.
Klein frikkadelle.

Lida Pieterse:
Different breads with spreads and different cheeses and wine.

Florence Diplock:
Koop of knie deeg, maak mini vetkoekies met verskillende vulsels soos kaas, tuna, gemaalde vleis, ham en blaarslaai, konfyt. Jy kan basies enige iets opsit. Of pannekoek met fyn kaneel en suiker of ‘n melktert vulseltjie gaan so ver en is so lekker. Of as jy sout wil doen, sit tuna en mayo of Philchards vis smoortjie op, add tabsco of chilli poeier op na smaak. Jy kan Peri-peri ook byvoeg, hang af van smaak.

Nina Meyer:
Groente sosaties met mini frikkadel êrens tussenin en vrugte sosaties.

Judy Westcott:
Mayonnaise and chutney dip for chips or meatballs. Chilli Bites, mix sold boxes on shelf in supermarkets. Just add chopped onion. Sweetcorn fritters.

Riette Perold:
Cream crackers with cheesy marmite lol.

Carol Paulse:
Maak ‘n tafeltjie erens by jou entrance – welcome drinks – juice, hoef nie wyn te wees nie.
‘n Platter met chips en ‘n dip.

Tish Booysen:
Slices of cold roast chicken served with maybe a bottle of steers pink or mustard sauce. Goes a long way.

Ingrid Tomlinson:
Tuna vol au vent – ie; puff pastry shell case, conical or round, filled with savoury tuna, served hot it is sooooo tasty and just a bite, make them small so you can make many, goes a long way.
Also, small bite size chicken breast, cooked and marinated overnight in brown sherry and brown sugar. Wrap in half strip bacon, use toothpick to hold it together, before serving, deep fry till bacon lightly crispy. Also makes many and are always a winner with guests.
Cauliflower florettes, coated in egg and spiced flour solution, deep fried till lightly golden, also a winner. PS, You can always add powdered cheeses to the coating solution, adds a kick to the flavour.

Neven Pillay:
Build a bagel.
Photo: Ilze Riley Venter


Ina En Billy Fisher
Ek moet toebroodjies maak vir 80 mense. Graag idees hê wat ek saam met fyn biltong op kan sit. Enige ander vulsels wat nie die toebroodjies sag/pap maak nie. Ek sal dit waardeer. Dankie.
Joey Kotze
Bovril en kaas en aarbeikonfyt en kaas. Dan het dit verskillende kleure. Ek strooi fyn gesnyde slaai bo oor.
Rina Noel
Kaassmeer saam met biltong.
Christy Mathie
Meng die fyn biltong met kaassmeer en maak broodjies met mengsel. Of sny brood in blokkies, smeer dan rondom met kaasmeer en rol dan in fyn biltong.

Christy Mathie
As die toebroodjies in lugdigte houer gehou word, sal dit lekker vars bly. Daai platter houers met die “dome” deksels werk baie goed.
Ina En Billy Fisher
Ek wil iets anders opsit, want elke week is dit kaas en tamatie of eier mayonaise broodjies. Ek maak elke jaar iets anders. Dit is vir die rolbal.
Wat hulle geniet het was gerasperde kaas, gerasperde polony.
Fyn biltong.
En al drie gemeng in knoffel botter. En jy smeer die mengsel op die broodjies.
So smaaklik en maklik.
Christy Mathie
Ek het lank vir ons rolbal club broodtjies vir halftyd tee gemaak. Die jonger spelers hou van ietsie anders maar die ouer mense wil net weer gewone broodjies hê.
Corrie Van Der Merwe
Probeer ook tamatie fyn opkap, braai saam met fyn ui, druk blik boeliebeef fyn, laat tamatie en ui afkoel, meng met boeliebeef en bietjie blatjang.
Hermien Van Rooyen
Fyn biltong is baie lekker saam met roomkaas / Bully beef en blatjang / Tuna mayo / Fyn hoender met sweet chillisous / Gerasperde worsies met kaas en mosterd.
Feline van Rensburg
Gerasperde gekookte eier en “sandwichspread”.
Santie Carelse
Iemand het eendag gevra watter “begrafnisbroodjie-vulsels” die lekkerste is en roereiers met mayonaisse het loshande voor geloop op die lysie. Daarna eers het biltongbroodjies gekom.
Rene Haasbroek
Marmite mosterd en mayo is ook lekker / Chicken mayo in ‘n voedselverwerker rek baie ver / Fyn gerasperde eier met tamatiesous en mayo gemeng. Of met tuisgemaakte mosterd gemeng / All joy pastasous in die bottel saam met gerasperde eier / Pastasous op brood gesmeer met gerasperde kaas op.
Rene Haasbroek
Sosatiebroodjie! Maak omelet in die oondpan maw een lang omelet! Wanneer afgekoel, sit gesmeerde snye brood bo op en sny deur in driehoeke of druk patrone uit. Die rede vir dit is dat die eier en brood ewe groot is. Nou begin jy met ‘n driehoekie broodjie op ‘n sosatiestokkie, dan pak jy jou lae soos jy daarvan hou. Brood, omelet, worsie of kouevleis driehoekie. klein tamatie, ķomkommer skyfie, agurkieskyfie, jy besluit vir jouself hoeveel brood en omelet kom tussenin! Op begrafnisse gaan mans altyd vir die pienk eiers ! Dis die lank gehalveerde eiers geel fyngedruk met mayo en tamatiesous en teruggepipe in die wit!
Barbara Swart
By fyn biltong is roomkaas en bietjie sweet chillie sous heerlik.
Delene Breytenbach
Meng jou botter met bietjie marmite en sweet chillie sous en meng sommer fyn biltong daarby in. So smeer jy sommer opeenslag die broodjie en fyn biltong val nie uit nie.
Maryna van Schalkwyk
Fyn biltong met marmite of bovril.
Suritha Potgieter de Jager
Fyn gedrukte ‘chips’ soos Sout en Asyn van Simba of wat jy ookal van hou saam met dun gesmeerde Marmite. Dit klink vreemd, maar heerlik.
Maryke Harmse
Tangy mustard flavour cream cheese en fyn biltong is ‘n wenner!!!!
Elzet Weinstein
Jy kan lank voor tyd maak, maak net toe met glad wrap. Het altyd chicken mayo, kerrie chicken mayo, eier mayo, ham en kaas en beef en kaas en salamie en kaas gemaak / tuna mayo.
Joyce Woodley
Meng so twee koppies fyn biltong met vier gekookte eiergele en meng met roomkaas tot “desired consistency” – skuus, kan nie aan die afrikaans daarvoor dink nie. Eier mayo is altyd gewild – sit bietjie sweet chilli sous by en moenie die gekapte pietersielie vergeet nie.
Wena Catherina Coetzee
Foto: Stien Rust


Dis deel van ontbyt in Tanzanië, maar ook ‘n heerlike anytime snack!
Mens maak maar op gevoel maar:
± 1 koppie chick pea meel (kekerertjie meel)
1 sakkie yeast (gis)
Gerasperde wortel, uitjie, crushed peppeadew (hier kan mens eksperimenteer… Green pepper, knoffel ens.)
Knippie sout
Water, net genoeg om sag maar nie waterige degie te vorm-laat staan vir so ‘n uur en skep dan lepels vol in warm olie!
Eet vars netso!

Resep en foto: Carmari Fourie Strobos


Meng in n bak:
4 koppies koekmeel
5 ml kremetart
5 ml sout
Rasper 500 g volroom margarien in meel in.
Gooi daarby:
250 ml yskoue sodawater met 10 ml suurlemoensap
Meng tot net gemeng.
Gooi uit op meelbestrooide blad en rol uit.
Vou op en rol weer.
Vou weer op en laat rus in yskas vir ‘n uur. Rol dan weer uit en vou weer op.
Laat oornag in die yskas en gebruik vanaf die volgende dag vir pasteie, worsrolle, ens.
RESEP EN FOTO:  Ansie Vermeulen Steyn