Very easy and I’ve adjusted it over the years. To eliminate lumps, you can beat very well with electric beaters or handheld stick blender.
1600 ml fullcream milk
4 large eggs
250 ml sugar
100 ml cake flour
100 ml maizena
1 ml salt
30 ml butter
10 ml vanilla
200 gram packet tennis
fine cinnamon
Spray and Cook dish. Line with whole biscuits. Crumble rest over. Boil milk and butter in micro on high. Beat eggs,vanilla & sugar well. Beat in flour, maizena and salt. Mix well. Gradually mix in hot milk. Return to micro and boil on high till very thick. Remember to stir every few minutes. See my notes above. Pour gently over biscuits. Refrigerate and sift fine cinnamon over when cold.
Topping (optional)
Don’t sprinkle cinnamon over, if you are using topping.
385 gram Tin condensed
125 ml fresh lemon
Beat together till thick & spread over cooled milk tart.
Recipe: Ronelle Morgan