4 tablespoon flour/ maida
one cup milk
one cup kitchen sugar (I used 8 tablespoon)
200 g butter (room temperature)
( take out butter from fridge one hour before making)
one teaspoon vanilla essence
Mix flour, milk and sugar and cook on low flame, just make paste like thin custard. Turn off flame, cool at room temperature.
When completely cooled, pass through sieve to remove lumps , whip with hand whisk/ electrical beater. Keep aside.
Beat butter till fluffy and light in color and doubles in size , now add that above custard 1 tablespoon at a time in butter and beat. Do this till full custard gone into butter. Beat so soft peaks form. Add vanilla essence and mix.
Now use it to decorate cakes and cupcakes.
Fill in piping bags and draw designs etc.
Note: if you feel it’s very runny don’t panic it’s ok just keep in fridge so it will become little hard, then use.
Note: if you left it in fridge for longer time and it became harder then you want, no problem just keep in kitchen and keep an eye on till it comes according to your choice.
NOTE: Use it or keep in fridge for 3 days. When needed, bring to room temperature, just whip and use, you can pipe, cover cakes etc.
This icing cover 6 inch round or square and 3 inch high cake.
Recipe posted by Lindi Ouwerling