1 packet of Tennis biscuits
2 pkts Orley Whip cream
2 x strawberry jelly
1 kg of strawberry yogurt
strawberries, 1 flake and whipped cream for garnish (Optional)
Add your 2 packets of strawberry jelly into a small bowl, add 2 cups of boiling water and stir well, place in the fridge to cool down and get really cold but not set .
Once the jelly is cooled take out of the fridge, whip the Orley whip cream until stiff peaks forms, add the yogurt to the Orley whip, mix till well combined , add the jelly and mix again with hand whisk till you see no more streaks.
Take your tennis biscuits and dunk them one by one in a small bowl with water and lay them neatly next to each other at the bottom of your dessert dish or form a biscuit base with crushed biscuits and melted margarine. Pour over the strawberry mixture and level with the back of a spoon. Allow to set in fridge for 3 hours. Decorate with sprinkled crushed biscuits or fresh strawberries.
Note from Zelda:
Thank you to my friend Tessa for allowing me to share her recipe with you all. I halved the recipe and made it with granadilla yoghurt and lemon jelly. You can make it with any combination of yogurt/jelly that compliment each other. I left my tennis biscuits whole in the bottom of the dish. It is not a very sweet pudding so will suit someone who likes pudding but not to sweet (of course I am a sweet tooth!)
Photo’s and recipe posted by ZELDA ELLIS