Ingredients for the Meatballs:
750 g ground beef mince
1 egg
20 ml Chutney
½ cup oats
15 ml Worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper to taste
herbs to taste
sunflower oil for the pan
Method for the Meatballs:
In a bowl add all the ingredients and mix well.
Roll into small balls and place on baking tray.
After all the balls have been rolled put a little sunflower oil on the bottom.
Place some tinfoil over and place in the oven on 180°C for 45 min.
After the meatballs have been in the oven you can turn the oven off and set the meatballs aside.
Makes about 30-35 small meatballs.
Ingredients for the Sauce:
3 onions, chopped
5 tomatoes, chopped
410 g can of tomato and onion gravy
1 cup sunflower oil
2 cups brown sugar
salt and pepper to taste
Method for the Sauce:
Put everything in a pot.
Put on high and when it starts to boil.
Remove any access water while it simmers.
Let it simmer for 45 min, till it is reduced.
Set aside.
Ingredients for the Spaghetti:
1 packet of spaghetti
½ pot of boiling water
salt to taste
15 ml Sunflower oil
Method for the Spaghetti:
Place the hot water in a medium size pot.
Add the salt and oil.
Cover the pot, put the stove on high.
If the water starts to boil add the spaghetti and press it down with a big fork.
Let it boil for 25 min.
Drain with a strainer if the spaghetti is soft and set aside.
For the Serving:
Take a bowl.
Add the spaghetti then the sauce and then the small meatballs.
Serve and enjoy!
Photo and recipe by Kristie Townsend