naan bread aminatested

I used this recipe for the 6 inch naans I got 4 out of the recipe n baked at 180 º for 30 minutes..

SUBS DOUGH: I use this recipe for my pizzas,rolls , buns etc:
5 cups flour
1 pkt yeast
quarter cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cup milk
half cup oil
1 cup boiling water ( allow water to stand for 5 min )
1 egg
I make in my Kenwood machine. Once risen , punch down and roll into desired shape.
One tip . Any dough recipe that requires milk , I always add about half cup more of milk (SO USE ONE & HALF CUPS MILK ) and use less of water, more milk makes one’s dough much softer , my dough once mixed in machine is slightely sticky but I like it like that cos once it rises its all sorted and when punching down make sure your hands
oiled or floured. Enjoyyyy!!!..

Yasmin Jeewa
PHOTO:  Amina Wackie Shaikh